On a dark and stormy night, Inkblot Editing was born of mutual frustration and dreams of editorial anarchy. “What happened to quality!” we railed. Because we’re doers and not sitters, we decided to lead an uprising of top editorial talent and take over the world. Okay, maybe that’s going a little far, but the sentiment remains. We want the world to respect the written word. We want the world to respect editors. And so here we are.

Great editors, great authors, and great publishers need a million-dollar matchmaker without the high price tag. That’s where we come in. It’s like a more productive version of online dating. You tell us your needs, and we match you with the most compatible editor or author we have.


  • Editorial consulting: Advice on publishing and production (available at various levels of engagement)
  • Developmental editing: Deep edit for flow by reorganizing paragraphs and chapters
  • Copyediting: Strong line edit for grammar and syntax
  • Proofreading: Light edit to correct grammar and mistakes
  • Indexing: Compilation of an index to make your book user-friendly
  • Design and formatting: Full range of design options, from full covers and interiors to one-page documents