Um, Like, Literally

click resources I’m literally going to knock your socks off with this post!

If you reacted to this statement in one of two ways, either you were chiding me for such use of the word literally or you were concerned that I would appear from around the corner and attack your socked feet with a piece of paper featuring this post, then I would literally high-five you if I knew you. Thank you, dear editor, writer, reader, person interested in the rightness of the world. You give me hope. Those of you who were not at all concerned about your socks and instead reacted only with piqued interest, let’s chat. Continue reading “Um, Like, Literally”

Similes, Metaphors, and Analogies, Oh My!

Despite loving the English language enough to make a career of working with its nuances, I still have a difficult time recalling the differences among similes, metaphors, and analogies. Rather than remembering their definitions and purposes, I instead recall the art activity a writing teacher of mine had the class complete. We drew similes, metaphors, and analogies. Rather than being helpful, the activity made the concepts that much more ambiguous to me. All three of my drawings looked like amoebas outlined in awkward flagella.

So to help us all out, today I’m going to discuss their differences. Hopefully then, we’ll be able to add another layer of depth to our writing, tighten our editing, and conquer one more aspect of our ridiculous and incredible language.

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