Friday Fun Facts: Prompts from the Interwebs

Hikaru dorodango by Syuhei.h, via Wikimedia Commons
Hikaru dorodango by Syuhei.h, via Wikimedia Commons

The Internet is the best way to slay writer’s block. Here is some link love for you and your writing!

Also, remember to submit your Two-Minute writing piece today or over the weekend! We’ll start posting submissions on Monday.

Happy Friday, everyone!

Quick Guide to Resume Writing

When I was a senior in college, a cousin who works for a large travel agency said to send her my résumé in case there were positions I was suited for. While I’d successfully interviewed for jobs during my time at Berea College (every student has to work at least ten hours a week), I never had to provide a résumé. This was in the early days of the Internet, and I either didn’t know what to search for when looking for examples or I failed to mimic them. I gave her a résumé that was likely longer than a page and was in backward chronological order. Fail. She was very kind and told me how I needed to redo it. She saved me a lot of headaches and embarrassment down the road. (Thank you, Robin!)

Sample Resume
Sample Resume

A strong résumé is your chance at a good first impression, and a poor résumé will leave you in the slush pile with only a form-letter rejection to show for your attempt. In fact, the résumé is a genre unto itself, and it requires mastery to get noticed.

Through Inkblot and former jobs, we’ve encountered a lot of résumés—some unbelievably horrible, some eye-catching and memorable. Here’s a quick guide on how to conquer the résumé. Continue reading “Quick Guide to Resume Writing”

Friday Fun Facts: Earth Day

The Earth seen from Apollo 17 via Wikipedia
The Earth as seen from Apollo 17, via Wikipedia

“The earth is what we all have in common.” —Wendell Berry

If you think about it, everything we write and everything we read is framed by our lovely planet. Even science fiction is rooted in what we know from Earth. Today, we hope you take a moment to celebrate the best writing prompt we’ve ever had. The mother of all writing prompts, if you will. The rotating Google doodles show the diversity in beauty we get to experience, from the arctic to the deep ocean to the desert to the forest. We’re pretty lucky.

  • Ours is the only planet not named after a mythological being. Rather, Earth comes from the Old English word ertha and the Anglo-Saxon word erda, which mean ground or soil.
  • Getting out in the woods for a hike improves mental health!
  • To understand the significant impact of DDT on our environment, check out Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring
  • The first Earth Day was celebrated on April 22, 1970. It began in the US, but is now celebrated worldwide.
  • Google has even created a map to show you what Earth Day activities are happening near you, no matter where you live.
  • There are five biomes in the world: aquatic, desert, forest, grassland, and tundra.
  • Within the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, there are five different forest types due to the changes in elevation : cove hardwood, spruce-fir, northern hardwood, hemlock, and pine-and-oak.
  • The lowest natural point on the planet is the Mariana Trench. The highest is Mount Everest.
  • New species are being found every year. For instance, check out this tiny snail!

Happy Earth Day everyone!


Congratulations, Lesley!

Remember how we said we love our town? Each year the Bloomington Chamber of Commerce recognizes seven women “for their outstanding leadership in influencing the growth of others in the community and/or in their professional organization.” This year, our very own Lesley is a recipient! I couldn’t be more proud.  Continue reading “Congratulations, Lesley!”

Friday Fun Facts: Mo Willems

We all have our author crushes. (That is a thing, right?) My latest is Mo Willems, not least because he is instilling in my daughter a love of reading. You see, I was terrified that I would be the only editor and writer with an illiterate child. Yes, yes, she’s only in kindergarten, but the fear was real. And then Mo Willems rode Pigeon into our lives.

My formerly uninterested daughter is now devouring books, thanks to the brilliance of this man. His many books are favorites among children and parents alike. Not surprisingly, Willems is a bestselling author, has won several important awards, and is known to be a family man. Yeah, I’m in love. Continue reading “Friday Fun Facts: Mo Willems”

Chicago Manual of Style Q&A | April 2016

Every month, the Chicago Manual of Style folks answer questions they’ve received. Following are a couple excerpts from the Q&A of April 2016. To read the full month’s Q&A, visit Q. Is it safe to assume that the Chicago Manual of Style itself is written in Chicago style? Sometimes I can’t find a specific answer, but the word or phrase itself is actually used somewhere therein.

try this site A. Yes, you can assume that the Manual is written in Chicago style. Be aware, however, that the figures may depart from Chicago style in some details, since they are taken from actual manuscripts and published books or journals. Often during editing, a given detail of house style may be tweaked or even ignored to honor common practice in that writer’s discipline. For that reason, each figure should be regarded as an illustration of the point being made in that section, rather than as exemplifying Chicago style in every detail.

Q. I am teaching my students CMOS notes and bibliography type for all of their academic papers. When using footnotes on a paper the student did the full bibliographic citation on page 1. Then on page 2 there was a reference to the same source. Is it correct to allow the student to simply use author-date for that subsequent citation? Or is it more correct for the student to repeat the full bibliographic citation?

A. Chicago prefers shortened citations after the first full mention. Section 14.18 of CMOS will give you a solid overview of notes/bibliography style that will help you teach your students. Our Citation Quick Guide includes examples of such shortened citations (author, title, page). In addition, our Shop Talk blog has a great deal of free information geared toward helping students learn Chicago style and good citation and paper-writing practices.

Friday Fun Facts: Bloomington

btownbcHappy Friday, everybody! We thought we’d mix it up this week—instead of going all editorial on you, we’ll tell you a little bit about our amazing town: Bloomington, Indiana. After all, living in a small town with a strong focus on the local economy is important to us!

Want to move here yet?

Friday Fun Facts #14

559143_602284835083_291886449_nRachel’s best April Fools’ Day joke: When she was about eight or nine, she was rubbing her dad’s back and pretended to sneeze, instead spraying him with a hidden spray bottle of water. His reaction was priceless.

Lesley’s best April Fools’ Day joke: Nothing! With two sisters, she was afraid of retaliation!

Happy April, everyone!