We know how important your project is to you, whether it be a dissertation, family memoir, or book about the education system. You’ve invested time and self into the words on the page. Our job is not to change your voice or even your intent. Instead, we refine your text.

Our editors are highly trained in a variety of genres and styles; they know the ins and outs of grammar, and they understand how to edit for audience, flow, and cadence. In addition, to protect your intellectual property, we have each editor sign a nondisclosure agreement.

We hope you’ll trust us to push your manuscript onward and upward until everyone is proud of the end product. To get started, visit our quote calculator or our FAQs.

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To submit your manuscript, please fill out the following questionnaire and email your file to Once we review your information, we will send you an email listing the timeline and payment terms. Upon your approval, we will match you up with one of our stellar editors and the magic will begin!

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