Beyond Editing

A lot of people think that editors just read all day. That is close to the truth, though our type of reading is radically different from pleasure reading. And, there are many, many other aspects of our jobs. At Inkblot, we offer so many services that go beyond strengthening sentences and improving cadence.

For instance, while I relate best to the title of “editor,” I also act as a publishing consultant. This past weekend, I attended a conference in Georgia at the request of a client to help pull in potential authors. I sat in on sessions and evaluated the presenters for the hallmarks of a successful author. I looked at the materials offered, gauged the passion of the presenter, determined how well the presenter’s information met the need in the market, and essentially rated the potential of the presenter to complement the publisher. If the presenter seemed like a good fit, this introvert then had to make a connection.

I enjoy talking to authors that I am working with; however, approaching a business-1219868__180stranger and giving what equates to an elevator pitch terrifies me. I have just a moment to pique his or her interest. I tried the pitch at first and found that it was as well received as a telemarketer call. So, instead, I took a deep breath and was my awkward normal self and spoke the truth. I didn’t try to sell the company; I tried to make a human connection. For example, I told one presenter that he had terrific ideas but I wanted to push him to find a way to implement them for sustainability. I invited him to visit our booth if he was interested in doing that as well. He stopped by. Another presenter offered fabulous information and research but it wasn’t in a form that would reach the general audience. She agreed, and we have a call set up for next week.

My point is, we must continuously challenge ourselves. Whether you are an editor, writer, publisher, or reader, there is so much out there that you can take advantage of to fuel your passion. Granted, it may be quite uncomfortable at first, and may always be, but what’s life without a quest?

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