Frequently Asked Questions for Editors

explanation Why should I work with you?

We created this company in great part to make your life better. We understand what it is like to work as a freelancer–not knowing where the next project is going to come from, not being appreciated for the excellent work you do, having to take every job that comes along because of the uncertain nature of the field, and working in isolation without having the benefit of other editors’ input and snarkiness. We get it, and we want to push the negatives to the back and bring the positives to the front. At IE, you will be working with professional editors. Only the top talent are accepted.

Our goal is to build a community. You will have access to the editors’ forum in which you can discuss and debate all things editorial. We consistently update our blog to further industry education. And let’s just face it–we’re fun!


tinidazole over the counter What is the editors’ forum?

This is the place for you to feel like part of a team from the comfort of your home. Ask questions, get advice, offer your best pun or a really awkward Microsoft spelling suggestion. Make it your own.


How do you pay the editors? And how often?

Upon completion of a project, you will be paid in ten to fifteen business days. Paydays will be the first and third Fridays of each month. We will mail a check on the designated pay day.


Do you withhold taxes for the editors?

No, we do not. As an editor, you are considered independent contractors and are responsible for your own self-employment tax. We will furnish a 1099 by January 31st of each year.


Do you offer health insurance?

No, we do not offer health insurance. Sorry!


I’ve been editing for decades. Why do I have to take a test?

All potential editors are required to take our test. This allows us to guarantee the quality of work we provide to our clients. C’mon, show us your mad skills!


If I failed the test, can I take it again?

Yes, but there is a six-month waiting period.


Where do I sign up?

Visit the editor’s page to complete the questionnaire and request a test.