Friday Fun Facts: Fictional Languages

ewok2This post is inspired by Rachel’s costume and the language of the Ewoks. (Ee chee wa maa!)

Turns out, there are many fictional languages created for books and movies, including the following:

  • Two (!) Elvish languages for Lord of the Rings (Saesa omentien lle: Pleasure meeting you; Lle holma ve’ edan: You smell like a human)
  • Klingon for Star Trek (nuqDaq ‘oH puchpa”e’: Where is the bathroom?; jIyajbe’: I don’t understand)
  • Nadsat for A Clockwork Orange, which is also reappropriated Russian (Neezhnies: Underpants; Moloko: Milk)
  • Lapine for Watership Down (Pfeffa: Cat; Vair: Defecate)
  • Dothraki for Game of Thrones (Hash yer dothrae chek asshekh?: How are you today)

Happy Halloween to you all! May it be, in the words of theEwok people, thees and drik.

Sources: Mother Nature Network, Film School Rejects, Brittanica 

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