Friday Fun Facts: Prompts from the Interwebs

pixabay.comHappy Friday, y’all! Here are some thought-provoking links found around the Interwebs this week. Perhaps they’ll inspire your next poem, essay, or story.

  • Seth Godin has a few simple questions for writers. Can you answer these about your in-progress works? As he says, “Writing can make a difference. Write to make a difference.”
  • One woman’s amazing thrift store find: a trunk full of photos, love letters, life documents, and stories. Fortunately for us, she’s shared the contents with the world, titling it “A Young Man’s Follies.” My favorite line is in a letter from someone named Llyn: “love-making by pen and ink is new to me.”
  • What happens if we don’t name colors? Yusuke Imai and Ayami Moteki have created just such a paint palette. They write, “We want to expand the definition of what a color can be.”
  • A glowing sea turtle! This endangered hawksbill sea turtle exhibits bioluminescence, and it’s the first reptile found to do so. Hawksbills are one of the rarest animals on our planet, and it seems their mystery just got a bit deeper


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