Living the Dream (of Bookshelves)

Today is the day I finally get my dream bookshelves! Hooray!

Last year, my husband and I bought a house that had a nice little front room with no discernible purpose. Of course, as soon as I saw it, I knew the end wall would look amazing with built-in bookshelves over cabinets. Then we could put comfy chairs there, a lamp there, and voilà, a home library! Well, after a year of homeownership, we are finally getting those bookshelves, and I am beside myself. All of my books, which up to this point have still been in boxes that are difficult to sift through, will be easy to grab whenever I like!

In honor of my love for bookshelves, I’ve rounded up photos from the Interwebs of the ten fanciest and most fanciful shelving I could find.

1. Floor to Ceiling

2. The United States of Books


3. Criss Cross


4. Walking Bookshelf

5. Read Your Way Up, Slide Your Way Down

6. Balance Bookshelf

7. The Library Chair

8. Tree of Knowledge

9. A Shelf That Is Bigger on the Inside

10. Books Coming out of the Woodwork

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