Publishers Do you want the best of the best editing your books? You’re in the right place. Of the many editors who apply to our site, we accept only about 7 percent due to our rigorous testing process. Even after acceptance, all completed work still goes through a quality review to ensure high standards.

Because we have each editor take a test and fill out a detailed questionnaire, we can match your manuscripts to the editors best suited for the job. Have your own house style? Just let us know, and we will incorporate it into our process. Have a finicky author? Give us the details, and we will adjust the edit accordingly. Need an editor who has experience with texts on regional history, education, fiction, or something else? We’ll make sure that happens.

Our editors are familiar with a range of style manuals, including CMS, APA, MLA, and others. In addition, we have folks who know the ins and outs of character and paragraph styles in Word, so if you need help getting a file ready for InDesign, let us know.

We also provide formatting and design services as well as consulting.

We’d love to help lighten your load, so give us a buzz and share how we can best serve you!