NANOWRIMO is here!

Happy November, y’all! You know what that means, right? It’s NANOWRIMO time!

National Novel Writing Month is your chance to write that novel you’ve always dreamed of. The organization behind the event gives you support and helps you track progress. If you’re the kind of writer who needs a bit of structure and accountability, this is for you!

So get out your notebooks and pens, or your keyboard and fingers as the case may have it, and get to writing! Who’s in?

Here are some prompts from the depths of the Internet to get you started.

Keep us updated on your progress using hashtag #IEWriteNow!

NaNoWriMo Starts Today!

It’s here, friends! National Novel Writing Month is here! One difficult part of writing on your own is having no official deadline. That’s where NaNoWriMo comes in. They give you a goal and a deadline:¬†write 50,000 words within the 30 days of November. Can you do it?

by Sienna Snow
by Sienna Snow

The folks over at NaNoWriMo have so many supports set up to help you reach your daily writing goals and achieve that ultimate goal of 50,000 words. You can even earn badges as you go along.

One great thing about NaNoWriMo is that you have to turn off your internal editor. Don’t worry about getting it perfect as you craft the sentence, just get the words out! You can fret about fixing them later. You’ll be amazed at how many more ideas flow when you leave editing until later.

So, who is in? If you’re participating in this awesome program, keep us updated! We’ll gladly share your work in progress or the passages you are especially proud of. Just sent it our way, to, subject line NaNoWriMo!