Tracking Submissions (with free download!)

Once you start sending out your work to prospective journals and magazines, it is very important to keep your submissions organized. It would not look good to send the same essay to the same journal a month apart. But fear not! Inkblot Editing has your back! We’ve created a submissions tracker just for you. Download it here!

Below is a partially filled out example.


You’ll see there is room to list:

  • The publication
  • The contact information for the publication
  • Which piece you sent
  • When you sent it
  • Whether there is a reading fee involved
  • Whether the publication is OK with multiple submissions, meaning you send the same work several places (most are as long as you tell them in your cover letter)
  • Whether they accept or decline
  • When you notified the publication if the piece has been accepted elsewhere

Hopefully this will help you keep track of all your word babies as you send them out into the world. Feel free to customize it as you add data. Most of all, enjoy the peace of mind that comes with being organized!


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