Vacation Reading

Over Christmas, my husband and I joined my parents in South Carolina for a holiday vacation. Of course the top item on my to-do list prior to leaving was picking out a suitable book to read. I settled on an old favorite: A Solitary Blue by Cynthia Voigt.

This may not seem like a laid-back beach read; after all, it’s about a seven-year-old boy whose mother abandons him. Yet, this book opens itself up and invites you into the story—pain and all—for a grounded experience that’s hard to walk away from. This is a book you choose when you have the time to read all day.

It is a solid novel with a wide range of emotions and deep characters, some of whom you’ll like, some of whom you won’t, and most of whom you’ll change your mind about. If you like the Tillerman family from other books in this series, you’ll be happy to see them reappear in this title as well.

One thing I didn’t consider when choosing this book was the setting. I read about Jeff waiting on his mother to pick him up from the Charleston airport while waiting on my mother to pick us up from the Charleston airport. I read about his island of safe space, with its crabs and herons, while sitting on a beach I’ve grown up visiting. I could literally taste the salt on the South Carolina breeze as I read the words.

For all the deliberation in front of my bookshelf the night before our flight, I picked right.

What did you read over the holiday?

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